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An arm and a leg

Supremely Expensive

An arm and a leg

Supremely Expensive

Pricing breakdown

≈$5-$8 per garment

We worked with our manufacturers to make sure our materials are of high quality and as comfortable and flattering as possible. Costs vary depending on the size of the garment.

$2.49 for the inside label
$5.95 for the front print

Obviously, we need to print our designs. For that, we make sure to only use high-quality eco-friendly ink.

≈$2-$3 per garment

Material, ink, packages and even people need to be moved from one place to another from time to time, this costs us a bit of money too.

5% of all sales

Five percent of your Power Up Couple purchase goes to the Child’s Play charity helping children in pediatric hospitals. We also donate a little extra when we can. Thanks for your support!

≈10% of the total cost

We do everything online, this requires us to pay for things like the hosting and domain for this website, as well as optimization and security services. Digital tools are also included in this category, such as Adobe CC, Vimeo Pro, and Google One.

≈18.5% of total sales

The remaining amount is either reinvested into Power Up Couple—mostly in maintaining and improving our equipment + making new designs, or taken as profit*

*We eventually also want to fund other projects like shows, events, and maybe even a Power Up Couple videogame, those require a lot of money, but your purchase takes us one step closer.

Thank you so much from Dany and Jo!